Benefits of Gas Water Heating include;

  • Unlimited hot water (as long as you have gas)
  • Precise control of hot water used (only when you turn the hot tap on does the GWH start producing hot water)
  • No hot water is stored (heating on demand)
  • Low maintenance
  • Low capital outlay
  • Can pay for itself in 8-10 months (LPG Installation) or 4-6 months (Natural Gas Installation)
  • Compact, small, easy to install
  • Can be retrofitted to current hot water systems
  • Cost savings in 3 forms; 1) Pay as you use hot water, 2) No storage of hot water, 3) Lower cost of heating water with gas

Under the new 10400xa any new building must have 50% water heated by other means.  Installing a GWH can be a much cheaper alternative to meeting this requirement.

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