Only an installer registered with LPGASA or SAPGA may install a Paloma Gas Geyser.

LPG installations must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of SANS 10087-1 and Natural Gas installations must comply with SANS827. Any fire department regulations and/or local bylaws applicable to the area must also be adhered to when installing this product. If in doubt check with the relevant authority before undertaking the installation.

Paloma Gas Geyser piping installationWhen completing the installation, it is important that correct pipe sizing is adhered to and that test point pressures are checked, to ensure correct performance of the unit. The cold water pressure and gas pressure readings must be noted down on the CoC after installation.

All Paloma gas water heaters are to be installed outside.

Upon completion of the installation you are required to fully explain and demonstrate to the user, the operational details and safety practices applicable to the appliance and the installation. Please also make sure that they are aware of the warranty and service conditions


Please download the Paloma booklet on How to install a Paloma Gas Geyser: 
Paloma GWH Installation Booklet

Palome PH-27 Internal Balanced Flue Gas Geyser Installation Guide

Please read our page on how to Install a Paloma Gas Geyser.

Should you be in doubt please contact Paloma Gas for further information. Please do not open the geyser and touch any part inside or change any settings as this will invalidate the warranty and may cause a safety hazard for the user.