Backup Power Supplies and Protection for Paloma Water Heaters and Convection Space Heaters

In order to provide the most efficient, reliable and safest form of gas water & space heating, Paloma units require a constant electrical supply when operational.  The electrical consumption is very low, for the Gas Water Heaters the 20 l/m unit requires 61 watts, the 26 l/m 64 watts and the 27 l/min 67 watts.  The PJC-25 Convector Heater uses 31 watts when running. 

The use of electric sensors within the units allows precise computer controlled delivery of hot water, using only the exact amount of gas required to raise the set water temperature.  The convector space heater also uses the same principles to heat efficiently and as directed.  Sensors within all units ensure safe use of gas and digital analysis/diagnosis of any problems/issues that may arise

In the event of a power outage, any (non-square wave generating device) can be used to provide alternative power.  The use of an inverter or larger UPS can provide reliable back-up power.  Because Paloma units do not require much power, battery sizing is important to ensure longer use.  As a cost effective alternative we offer;

Tescom 1200va Offline UPS

Tescom UPS are modified sine wave units, manufactured with state of the art technology, producing microprocessor controlled output.


UPS Specification Highlights

  • 12V/7AH batteries
  • Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • Equipped with boost and buck AVR to stabilise input voltage (Automatic Voltage regulations)
  • Built-in DC start function which enables the UPS to be started without AC power
  • Smart RS-232 communication port with free software and cable
  • Green power function for energy saving
  • User-replaceable battery design
  • Auto charge even though UPS is off
  • Auto restart when AC returns
  • Discharge, overcharge and overload protection

Paloma Gas UPS

UPS units are kept plugged in and operational at all times and do offer some protection against electrical surges etc.  In order to get the longest use from the UPS, best practice would be to turn the UPS off, and only turn on when the Paloma unit is required – then switch off after use.  Please Contact Us for pricing and availability.

Paloma Modifications

Paloma provides adapted UPS with a changeover switch installed inside. As the unit should always be connected to the geyser, when the power goes down, the UPS will automatically switch off – this preserves the battery life. When the user wants hot water, they manually turn on the UPS. When they are finished, the user turns the unit off again to save battery. When the power returns the user needs to turn the unit back on again.

Total usable back power should be about 1.5 hours – which is plenty for 5 minute showers!

These units have only been tested and adapted for Paloma Gas Geysers.

Longer lasting units

For a more robust and longer lasting power back-up alternative, the Inverex UPS series can offer the ability to run several electrical devices during power outages.  The Inverex systems include a large deep cycle battery with the ability to power TV’s, PC’s, Security systems etc and can operate Paloma Gas products for extended periods.

Paloma Gas Inverex UPS

UPS for Home & Small Business

It has a modified sine wave inverter ideal for long back up for home and office appliances. Inverex converts DC power into modified sine wave AC power with a 300/600/1200W continuous output and compact design.

The unit is ideal for running TV’s, stereos, laptop and desktop computers and other home appliances. The Inverex will automatically transfer to the inverter and provide power when the AC supply is interrupted.


  • User selectable for selecting wider input voltage
  • Fully automatic and silent operation
  • Rack tower design
  • High frequency
  • Off-mode charging
  • Various 5 amp AC outlet configurations
  • Compact size for convenient use and storage
  • Build in 8 amp supercharger for up to 100 aH batteries
  • Small scale and cost effective inverter for home appliance and office equipment
  • Protection for overload, short circuit and over temperature

Paloma Gas Inverex Sizes

Inverex remains plugged in at all times and does not require switching off and on during power outages.

Please Contact Us for pricing and availability as we do not carry stock. You can also order from Tescom direct.

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