Paloma South Africa Gas Water Heater Warranty Conditions

In the event of your Paloma appliance not working correctly or you notice an error message, please follow the below steps:

  1. Check that the appliance is receiving gas
  2. Check that there is water going to the unit and that the water switch/valve is turned to the open position
  3. Check that there is an electrical supply and that the unit is plugged into the wall and that both the plug switch and the unit are switched on. (Make sure you do this before calling your Installer)
  4. Attempt a manual reset.
    1. Turn all the hot water taps off and turn off the controller/geyser at the plug. Wait for 5 minutes. Turn the controller back on by pressing the on/off button / turn the geyser back on at the plug. Now open the hot water tap.
  5. If this does not fix the problem, read the “Error Code” on the unit and refer to the error code list (click here for the error code page), for more instructions.
  6. Should the unit still not be working correctly – ensure that all external factors have been addressed then contact the Installer who installed the unit for you.
  7. The Installer will need to perform a full assessment of the unit.
  8. Should they not be able to rectify the issue they will need to remove the unit and return it to the agent together with the following information:
    1. The gas pressure readings(standing and operating pressure readings)
    2. Water pressure readings or test results (cold water inlet and hot water outlets for flow or blockages)
    3. Check electrical supply is working and stable
    4. Conduct all system checks as outlined in user manual
    5. Collect relevant CoC and their SAQCC, if not already supplied
    6. Clients original invoice with purchase date clearly marked
  9. Warranty is on a ‘bring in’ basis. Should the unit not be able to be removed and a service call is needed to be made outside of the Johannesburg area, there will be a travel supplement charged to the owner.

Warranty Conditions

  1. The warranty is applicable to water heaters manufactured after 1st January 2013
  2. The water heater must be installed in accordance to Paloma water heater installation instructions supplied with the unit, in accordance with relevant local regulations
  3. Where a failed component or water heater is replaced under warranty, the balance of the original warranty period will remain effective. The replaced part or water heater does not carry a new warranty
  4. The warranty only covers the water heater, not any plumbing or electrical parts etc that form part of the installation. Correct and proper installations are not the responsibility of HSG Distributors and can affect warranty’s validity
  5. Use on borehole water will INVALIDATE warranty

Warranty Exclusions

The following exclusions may cause the GWH warranty to become VOID and may incur a service charge and/or costs of parts and labour:

  1. Accidental damage to the water heater or any component including Acts of God; failure due to misuse; incorrect installation; attempts to repair the water heater other than by a Paloma Accredited Service Agent or the Paloma Service Department.
  2. Where it is found there is nothing wrong with the water heater; where the complaint is related to excessive discharge from the temperature and / or pressure relief valve due to faulty plumbing; where water leaks are related to plumbing and not the water heater or water heater components; where the supply of gas, electricity or water does not comply with relevant codes or acts.
  3. Where the water heater or water heater component has failed directly or indirectly as a result of: excessive water pressure; excessive temperature and / or thermal input; corrosive atmosphere; ice formation in the pipe work to or from the water heater; ice formation in the waterways of a water heater without a frost protection system; ice formation in the water with a frost protection system where the waterways of an electricity supply has been switched off or has failed and the water heater has not been drained in accordance with the instructions; ice formation in the waterways of a water heater with a frost protection system due to an ambient temperature below -20’C (including wind chill factor); ice formation in the water ways of a water heater where the water heater has not been installed in accordance with the Paloma water heater installation instructions.
  4. Where the water heater is located in a position that does not comply with the Paloma water heater installation instructions or relevant statutory requirements, causing the need for major dismantling or removal of cupboards, doors or walls, or use of special equipment to bring the water heater to floor or ground level or to a serviceable position.
  5. Repair and/or replacement of the water heater due to scale formation in the waterways or the effects of corrosive water when the water heater has been connected to a scaling or corrosive water supply as outlined in the Owner’s Guide and installation instruction booklet.
  6. Poor quality gas supply, oil residue etc found in gas components will not be covered under this warranty.



Warranty Coverage

HSG Distributors is the supplier of Paloma Gas Water Heaters in South Africa, manufactured by Paloma Co. Ltd. Japan. HSG will repair, replace any component or arrange the installation of a new water heater, which falls within the warranty periods specified below, as deemed necessary.

Domestic Use

  • 10 year warranty on Copper heat exchanger,
  • 3 year warranty on gas section and gas related parts
  • 3 year warranty on all water related components
  • 1 year warranty on electrical parts

Commercial Use

  • 1 Year warranty on all parts and components

Water Quality

Water quality is VITAL to the operation of your Paloma Gas Geyser – the use of borehole water will invalidate the warranty. Therefore to ensure the longevity and validity of your warranty, the composition of water being used within the unit should not exceed the following parameters: 

pH 6.5 – 8.5
TDS (Total Dissolved Liquids) Up to 500 mg/L
Total Hardness Up to 200 mg/L (11.7 gpg)
Aluminium Up to 0.2 mg/L
Chlorides Up to 250 mg/L
Copper Up to 1.0 mg/L
Iron Up to 0.3 mg/L
Manganese Up to 0.05 mg/L
Zinc Up to 5 mg/L


This water heater is supplied with temperature sensors, a FlameSafe™ protection system and a pressure relief valve. These devices must not be tampered with or removed. The water heater must not be operated unless each of these devices is fitted and is in working order.

If the power supply cord or plug is damaged, it must be replaced by an authorised person in order to avoid a hazard. The power supply cord and plug must be replaced with a genuine replacement part available from your nearest Paloma Service centre.

The warranty can become void if relief valves or other safety devices are tampered with or if the installation is not in accordance with these instructions.

This water heater is only intended to be operated by persons who have the experience or the knowledge and the capabilities to do so. This water heater is not intended to be operated by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities i.e. the infirmed, or by children. Children should be supervised to ensure they do not interfere with the water heater.

The water heater uses 230Volt AC electrical power for operation of the control systems and the combustion fan. The removal of the front panel will expose 230V wiring. It must only be removed by an authorised or qualified person.

The power lead from the water heater must be plugged into a weatherproof electrical outlet. Take care not to touch the power plug with wet hands.

Error Codes

Most common error codes:

Code Fault Remedy
11 Failure to Ignite – Issue with gas supply to the unit: CHECK GAS SUPPLY TO UNIT

  • Check gas is on / bottles are full
  • For new cylinder, bleed gas
  • Check that valves are open
  • Check regulator is correctly fitted
  • Open 2 hot taps simultabously to check pressure and heat
  • If still not working, contact installer
12 Flame Failure / Extinguished – Unit was running and then switched off – Issue with gas supply: CHECK GAS SUPPLY TO UNIT

  • Ensure correct type of gas is being supplied to the unit
  • Check gas is on / bottles are full
  • For new cylinder, bleed gas
  • Check that valves are open
  • Check regulator is correctly fitted
  • Open 2 hot taps simultabously to check pressure and heat
  • Ensure no covers over the unit (must not be in a cupcaord or restricted space) or blockages
  • If still not working, contact installer
15 Very high temperature of water produced – Boiling Safety Device WATER SUPPLY ISSUE TO UNIT– RESTRICTION, AIR INGRESS or BLOCKAGE

  • Check for closed cold water inlet valve or restrictions in cold water inlet pipe
  • On commercial water heaters, lower set point temperature below 82 Celsius
  • Borehole water use, full flush of heat exchanger required, Reset unit
10 Abnormal Low Rate Combustion -Air Supply or Exhaust Blockage ISSUE IN COMBUSTION SYSTEM OF UNIT (AIR/GAS INSTAKE or EXHAUST)

  • Check all vent components for proper connections. Full service required, Reset Unit
  • Clear unit and tap filters
  • Check that nothing is obstructing flue/exhaust (no obstructions within 1.5m)
  • Check gas installation, supply and pressure correct. Reset unit
  • Ensure/clean heat exchanger fins, fan and air intake. Reset Unit
99 Needs Service – Contact your registered installer or Paloma Gas