LPG Gas Installations of Paloma Appliances

All LP gas installations must be carried out by a registered gas fitter according to SANS10087, Natural Gas according to SANS827.  A typical LPG installation would require a minimum of 2 x 48kg cylinders with a changeover regulator, connected directly to the gas water heater or geyser (cylinder sizing does need to be correctly specified by your Gas Installer).  Natural Gas installers must ensure correct pipe sizing to the unit is adhered to.  Paloma units are designed for outdoor use, no additional flues etc are required. For guarantee and customer insurance purposes, every Paloma installed must be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) from a registered installer.

Water piping is very simple, cold water supply with minimum 1bar pressure is needed to supply thePaloma GWH Installation unit.  Hot water is then plumbed from the unit into the existing or new reticulation supplying the premises.  It is very important to ensure hot water piping is laid efficiently to reduce heat loss factors.  The gas geyser units should be installed as close as possible to the point of highest hot water use.

A standard 15amp 3 pin outdoor plug socket is required (units only draw 65watts of power only when operational).  Power back-up devices can be installed directly beneath the unit.  It may also be advisable to install a surge protected plug on the unit to safeguard from electricity spikes.

Click here to read the Paloma gas geyser installation guide

Appliance Safety

All gas appliances must be tested and certified for use in South Africa according to SANS 1539.  Palomas gas geysers have met stringent safety tests in South Africa and around the world, notably LP GAS Safe Appliance Logoin Australia, USA & Europe.  Paloma Gas Water Heaters incorporate their patented ICAD device, a sophisticated system that monitors the combustion and ventilation of the unit and will shut down if any problems are detected.  South African units are certified for use with both Natural Gas and LPG.

All Gas Water Heaters units have flame failure devices, so gas will not run through the unit if a flame is not burning.  Oxygen depletion sensors ensure that gas combusts correctly and that overuse of oxygen does not occur.  Paloma gas geysers have over 20 individual sensors that monitor each stage of gas use, ignition, SABS Approvedburning, ventilation and hot water delivery takes place correctly and in its required process.  All Paloma units have winter frost-protection as well as anti-boil protection, so that water cannot be super heated to the point that can be dangerous.


Digital controllers are available to be installed in bathrooms or kitchens and allow the user to set maximum output temperatures.  This creates greater efficiency as only the precise amount of gas is used to reach preset temperature, and also protects from scalding and hot water burns.

Click here to read the Paloma gas geyser safety instruction booklet.

What to do if you smell gas:

  • Turn off gas supply at cylinders or gas meter
  • Extinguish all naked flames.
  • Do not operate any electrical appliances.
  • Ventilate the area.
  • Check for leaks as detailed in this manual.

If odour persists, contact your dealer or gas supplier immediately.