What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel. Like oil and coal, it is essentially the remains of plants, animals and Natural Gas 2microorganisms that lived millions of years ago and is now contained in underground reservoirs.  Natural Gas is primarily made up of methane (85%) and when burned, it gives off energy.  Unlike other fossil fuels, it is extremely clean burning and emits lower levels of harmful byproducts into the air.

Egoli Gas provides Natural Gas in the Greater Johannesburg area.  It is piped directly from Gas Fields in Mozambique, to a further 1200km pipeline network that services domestic, commercial and industrial customers with the cheapest form of gas, available in the country.  For those lucky enough to be using Natural Gas, savings of up to 40% can be achieved on identical appliances running on LPG!!

Benefits of Natural Gas:

  • It is one of the safest, cleanest and most efficient forms of energy;
  • Readily available piped direct from Mozambique (no storage cylinders or tanks required)
  • Plentiful supply
  • Runs at low pressure in pipelines
  • Don’t have to worry about running out of gas
  • Extremely Low levels of Greenhouse gases on combustion
  • Reliable, easy to maintain

Paloma Gas Water Heaters recoup the greatest savings when used on Egoli Gas (Natural Gas) systems.

For more information on the safety of  Natural Gas visit www.egoligas.co.za Egoli Gas Logo