Paloma Japan has discontinued production of the PJC-25 Paloma Gas Space Heater. Paloma Gas will still be available to assist both installers and owners with any servicing or repairs that may be required.

PJC-25 Gas Space Heaters

A warm home is a healthy home and a lack of heating can increase the risk of respiratory problems such as asthma and pneumonia.  Improving your home’s heating efficiency can reduce the onset of colds, flus and asthma, especially in children. Paloma are here to help you with your gas space heating needs.

When people think of gas heaters, old fashioned gas-fires that consume massive amounts of gas instantly come to mind.  While new and modern gas fires look fantastic, are more efficient and provide the luxury and convenience of similar wood-fires, they do not provide the heating ability to that of purpose built gas heaters.

Gas heaters have come a long way in recent years.  The advent of flueless gas heating has eliminated  heat lossesID:6143968 Paloma Happy Family Keeping Warm - using Gas Heaters

through chimneys and decreased gas use, providing much greater heating capacity and efficiency.  Modern gas powered heaters have the ability to heat large areas very quickly and refined combustion processes mean extremely low levels of emissions.  Using gas heaters not only saves on electricity consumption, but allows the user access to instant heat, at the touch of a button.

Electrically powered underfloor heating was an excellent and effective method of heating, but now this has become extremely unaffordable to run.  Not only does it consume huge amounts of electricity, it does require to be operational for long periods of time, in order to be effective.

Contrary to popular belief, heating with gas does not dry the air.  In fact, one of the by-products of gas combustion is water vapour.  Therefore, using a gas heater will actually increase moisture in the air.  The use of flueless gas heaters does require a constant supply of fresh air to enter the room being heated.

Paloma’s PJC-25 Gas Space Heaters

Paloma PJC-25 Gas Heater in White


The Paloma’s PJC-25 is a high output flueless gas heater that can quickly heat up large areas, with the most efficient use of gas available.  Heaters were available in off-white, charcoal or silver and feature Paloma’s class-leading safety features and compact design. To read the PJC-25 brochure click here 


Does your already owned Paloma Gas Heater need a service?   Please contact us to arrange a service – we do not service any other brands.