Paloma Gas Heater – DISCONTINUED

The PJC-25 Paloma gas heater is a high-output flueless gas heater that can quickly heat up large areas, with the most efficient use of gas available.  Heaters feature Paloma’s class-leading safety features and compact design. These units are the perfect larger room heaters! Read the HSG Paloma PJC-25 Brochure here

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The Paloma gas heater is fully automatic, thermostatic, remote controlled and features 2 timers for added room comfort.  These flueless gas heaters can be used in domestic or commercial applications but are only suitable for use in open plan rooms (not for use in bedrooms or bathrooms). The powerful low level fan distributes heat along the floor, using the natural effects of convection to distribute warm air around the room. The digital thermostat allows the user to set the heater at a desired temperature, whereby the unit automatically adjusts the gas use and fan strength as it senses changes in the ambient room temperature.

Air is heated with a high powered filtered fan so that the units are cool to touch and safe for use around children and pets.  Paloma Convector heaters deliver instant heat at the touch of a button, meaning there is no need to leave the unit on for extended periods of time, to heat up rooms.

Paloma’s units are floor standing portable gas heaters. They can be disconnected and reconnected at different bayonet or quick release fittings as installed, around ones house or workplace.  Units are specified to heat up to 100m2 (depending on climate and room characteristics), but must not be used in a room less than 60m3.

All Paloma heaters are designed and manufactured to comply with SANS 1537 and are permitted for use on LPG and Natural Gas in South Africa.  As with all Paloma products, the PJC 25 portable gas heater meets the highest international safety standards and has been awarded 5.9 out of 6.0 stars in the Australian Gas Associations AS4553 Emission Star RatingsPaloma Gas Heaters use the latest burner technology to produce less than half of the allowable CO2 emissions.

Boasting the highest heat output and lowest emission levels in its class, the computer controlled modulating gas valve ensures that the least amount of gas is used to achieve the desired heating level.  With a power consumption of just 31 watts and maximum gas consumption at 25 MJ/hr or 0,5kg/h, the Convector PJC 25 can incredibly heat an area of up to 204 m3. A Paloma gas heater is an excellent gas heater for home!

The manufacturer has now discontinued the Paloma Gas Heater, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Paloma Gas South Africa / HSG Distributors will be available to help both installers and owners with any questions on units already purchased. HSG Distributors are also available to assist with, or direct people to a local agent for unit servicing.

Paloma PJC-25 Gas Heater in Silver Paloma PJC-25 Gas Heater in WhiteLow Emission Technology

The PJC-25 Convector is packed with energy efficiency and safety features.

Paloma Gas Heater Energy Efficiency Features:

  • Dual Timers – the heater can be set to operate automatically at two separate periods of the day.
  • Remote Control Operation – on/off, temperature control (up/down), timer 1 & 2 and override.
  • Child Lock function – prevents accidental operation as well as children interfering with the controls.
  • Automatic Economy function – when the room reaches the required temperature the heater automatically decreases room temperature by 1° C for every 30 minutes up to 2° C.
  • Preheat function allows the heater to automatically operate one hour prior to the programmed starting time.
  • Override function allows the user to manually override the preset program and operate the heater.
  • Adjustable room temperature – when the heater is turned on the set temperature and room temperature is displayed on the screen. You can adjust the room temperature by pressing the up and down arrows on the control panel. 
  • Energy efficient seven stage modulating gas valve.

Paloma Gas Heater Safety Features:

  • Filter Clean Warning Device – When the air filter is clogged or hot-air outlet is blocked, the filter safety device will switch off the heater and the filter light will flash.
  • Anti-tilt Safety Switch automatically shuts off gas flow if the heater is knocked or bumped.
  • Oxygen Depletion Safety System automatically shuts off gas flow if the oxygen level in the room drops below a safe level.
  • Flame Failure Device prevents flow of gas to burner if ignition fails or flame goes out.
  • Power Failure Device prevents flow of gas to burner if there is a power failure.
  • Overheat Safety Device – if the fan stops rotating for any reason the overheat switch shuts off the gas supply.
  • Over Current Safety System.
  • Back Burner Protection.
  • Unattended Appliance Shut Off Device – the heater shuts off after 8 hours continuous operation.
  • Air Volume and Combustion Control.

Download the brochure: HSG Paloma PJC-25 Brochure