Paloma’s GWHs can be applied to almost any hot water systems; residential, commercial or industrial.  Paloma GWHs can work in conjunction with existing solar or heat pump applications or as their own standalone hot water source.  These units are widely installed into schools, sports clubs, gymnasiums, flats & multi-dwellings, restaurants, bars, clubs and industrial factories.  These units are available for use on either LPG or Natural Gas (where available), units can also be combined or linked into manifold systems for commercial or industrial high use water systems.

Between 11-18 l/m, enough for single use (1 tap at a time).  Paloma gas water heating units come in 20 & 26 l/m which allow for multi-point use (dependent on climate) with up to 3 taps/showers used at any one time.

Over the years, gas water heaters have developed greatly with Paloma leading the way in computer controlled high efficiency gas water heaters.  Gone are the days of running outside to relight gas geysers, also gone are the days of lukewarm and weak showers, no more cries due to cold water coming through after someone else opens another hot tap while you are showering.