Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water with Paloma

Conventional solar systems work by transferring the suns rays to heat water, which is then stored inside solar storage tanks.  Once this finite amount of solar heated water expires, the electrical backup will sense the drop in water temperature stored and activate the electrical element to start heating water, which can take up to 3 hours.

Paloma’s gas water heaters can be easily utilised as in-series gas hot water boosters for Solar Systems, or as pre-heaters for hot water systems.  It can simply be retrofitted to the hot water outlet of a solar storage tank.

The gas booster sits idle as solar heated water passes it through as long as the water temperature is above 58 degrees.  When the solar heated water temperature passes through the gas water heater below 58 degrees, the gas booster will ignite to boost the supplied water temperature for use.

The gas geyser is used as a gas booster for periods of low solar energy gain – such as cloudy weather, cold days, night time, rainy days and during winter months.  By using a Paloma gas geyser as a gas booster, you can eliminate the electrical backup and take advantage of instant hot water, only when it is required.


  • Unlimited Hot Water available
  • Easy Outdoor Installation
  • Easily retro-fitted to existing solar systems
  • Only pay for the water you heat (GWH sits on standby ready to fire up when needed)
  • Make your existing solar even more efficient

Want to use a Paloma Gas Geyser as a Solar booster? Give us a call to discuss your options