Please read all instructions provided with any Paloma device before you attempt any installation. The Paloma EZ Link cable must be installed by a qualified gas installer.

The EZ Link kit is supplied with:Paloma EZ Link Kit

1 EZ Link Cable
2 Cable Clamps
2 Screws

Only two Paloma tankless water heaters of the same model can be installed in parallel. All instructions are provided in the Use and Care Manual provided.


  • When using the EZ-Link system, only 1 remote controller is needed.
  • Connect the controller to either one of the geysers, following the instructions provided in the Use and Care Manual. This water heater will become the main unit.
  • The installed remote controller will control the temperature and functionality of both water heaters as one unit. Depending upon the hot water demand, one or both units may be in operation.
  • To test both units, increase the hot water flow by turning on more than one hot water appliance or fixture.

Classic Two Unit EZ Link Manifold


To download the EZ-Link Cable Installation Diagram – Click here