How do Tankless Gas Water Heaters work?

Gas Tankless Water Heaters work by heating water ‘on demand’ or ‘instantaneously’.  The unit sits idle (on standby) using only minimal power and not consuming any gas.  When a hot tap is opened sensors are triggered within the unit causing it to ignite, starting the flow of gas to the main burner which creates combustion of a very high output gas flame.   As cold water travels through the GWH, it circulates around the gas burner inside a copper coil – known as a Heat Exchanger.  The speed in which the water travels through the GWH determines the speed of hot water delivered (flow rate).

The faster water travels through the unit the lower the temperature output.  The slower water travels in the GWH, the higher the output temperature.  Computer-controlled units such as Paloma GWH’s utilise sensors and solenoid valves to continually adjust gas and water flows to ensure water temperatures are consistent and energy usage is at its most efficient.  The tankless water heater will produce an unlimited quantity of hot water, as long as power and gas are uninterrupted.

‘Tankless’ means that the water is not stored and kept hot in a ‘tank’ until you need it, wasting energy. Tankless heaters heat the water as it is needed, giving the impression of ‘instant hot water’. Using a  tankless hot water heater means your hot water never runs out!

To view a video on how a tankless gas geyser works, click on the image below:

How Gas Geysers Work

Paloma’s instant gas water heaters:

Paloma instant hot water geysers 20 litre per minute  Paloma instant hot water geyser 26 litre per minute

Paloma’s 20 l/min DOMESTIC instant               Paloma’s 26 l/min DOMESTIC instant 
water heater is ideal for smaller homes,            water heater is ideal for medium to larger 
flats, Guest houses, home offices or                  homes, offices or larger outbuildings. 

External wall-mounted gas geyser                   External wall-mounted gas geyser

No of taps:                                                           No of taps:

1-2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen                                 2-3 bathrooms and 1 kitchen

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Enquire about a 20l/min gas geyser                     Enquire about a 26l/min gas geyser

Paloma PH 27 l/min Gas Geyser

Paloma PH 27internal label

instant water heater is ideal for larger homes 
and families or commercial applications 
where hot water demands are higher. 
Two units can be used for even more demand.

Internal wall-mounted gas geyser – flue required!

No of taps:

3-4 bathrooms and 1 kitchen

Read more about the 27 l/min here >>

Enquire about the internal 27l/min gas geyser 

All Paloma instant water heaters are available as either natural gas or LPG instant gas geysers. Please select the unit best for your supply.

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