Benefits of Gas Water Heating include;

  • Unlimited hot water (as long as you have gas)
  • Precise control of hot water used (only when you turn the hot tap on does the GWH start producing hot water)
  • No hot water is stored (heating on demand)
  • Low maintenance
  • Low capital outlay
  • Can pay for itself in 8-10 months (LPG Installation) or 4-6 months (Natural Gas Installation)
  • Compact, small, easy to install
  • Can be retrofitted to current hot water systems
  • Cost savings in 3 forms; 1) Pay as you use hot water, 2) No storage of hot water, 3) Lower cost of heating water with gas

Under the SA building regulations, any new building must have 50% water heated by other means.  Installing a GWH can be a much cheaper alternative to meeting this requirement.