Only an installer registered with SAQCC may install a Paloma Gas Geyser.

Installation Standards

 The water heater must be installed:

  • by a qualified person, and
  • in accordance with the installation instructions, and
  • in compliance with Standards SANS837 (for NG) and SANS10087 (for LPG), as applicable under local regulations and all local codes, bylaws and regulatory authority requirements. If in doubt check with the relevant authority before undertaking the installation.

Installation – Plumbing

All plumbing work must be carried out by a qualified competent person and in compliance with all local codes and regulatory authority requirements. To achieve true mains pressure operation, the cold water line to the water heater should be the same size or bigger than the hot water line from the water heater. The minimum recommended cold pipe or solar preheat pipe and hot pipe size is DN20.

Paloma Gas Geyser piping installationWhen completing the installation, it is important that correct pipe sizing is adhered to and that test point pressures are checked, to ensure correct performance of the unit. The cold water pressure and gas pressure readings must be noted down on the CoC after installation.

Water Inlet and Outlet

All pipe work must be cleared of foreign matter before connection and purged before attempting to operate the water heater. All olive compression fittings must use brass or copper olives. Use thread sealing tape or approved thread sealant on all fittings. A full flow gate valve or ball valve must be installed on the cold water line or solar preheat water line to the water heater. An acceptable arrangement is shown in the diagram. A disconnection union (or similar) must always be provided at the cold water inlet and hot water outlet on the water heater to allow for disconnection of the water heater. Insulation used on the cold and hot water lines must extend up to the cold water inlet and hot water outlet of the water heater.  If necessary, a 400kpa pressure reducing valve may be fitted to the cold water inlet to the gas water heater.  Plumber must ensure a minimum of 2bar (200kpa) of constant water pressure is supplied to the gas water heater.  If by-passing old electrical geysers, ensure no water is flowing through the redundant electric geyser and electric supply is switched off.


It is essential all pipe connections be correctly aligned, otherwise component connections within the water heater may be strained and / or components themselves misaligned. It is recommended also, wherever possible, pipe connections be made at the water heater first and final pipe runs be made in soft copper pipe to allow some adjustment for misalignment. Use the spanner flats on the water heater fittings and take care to avoid twisting the water inlet and outlet pipes inside the jacket. Please read the installation instructions carefully with regards to gradient and when the water should be plumbed and lined up.

In-series Solar Booster

The pipe work between the solar storage tank (if one is installed) and the in-series gas booster has a minimum recommended pipe size of DN20, of copper and be fully insulated with a closed cell type insulation or equivalent. The insulation must be weatherproof and UV resistant if exposed. The insulation must be fitted up to the connections on both the solar storage tank and the in-series gas booster. The maximum supply temperature to the water heater when used as an in-series gas booster for a solar water heater is 75°C, a solar water tempering valve (or water mixing valve) must be installed on the solar system.  The hot water supply exiting the solar storage tank should be passed through the gas water heater (installed into the ‘cold water inlet’).  The hot water outlet from the gas water heater, should then feed to the hot water taps/showers etc.

Connections – Electrical 

All electrical work and permanent wiring must be carried out by a qualified person and in accordance with local codes and regulatory authority requirements.

Warning: Temperature controllers must not be fitted to this water heater if it is installed as an in-series gas booster with a solar water heater system. If a solar booster has been installed to an existing water heater installation, then all controllers must be disconnected and removed.

The water heater is supplied with a 1.2 metre lead and plug and requires a 240 V 50 Hz general purpose outlet (GPO) to be located within 1.2 metres of the installation. The GPO must be clear of the flue exhaust, draining water, gas supply pipe and water connections.

Paloma 27 l/min Power Consumption

27 l/min
67 Watts – Burner on,
anti frost device inactive
138 Watts – Burner on,
anti frost device active

The water heater will only operate on a sine wave at 50 Hz. Standby power consumption approx 9 watts.  Devices generating a square wave cannot be used to supply power to the water heater.

The Anti-frost device only kicks in, in extreme conditions. It will automatically turn on, when the unit is connected to a power source, when the temperature drops to approx -2’C and will automatically shut off once the temperature reaches 4’C.

Please download the Paloma booklet on How to install a Paloma Gas Geyser: Paloma GWH Installation Booklet

Palome PH-27 Internal Balanced Flue Gas Geyser Installation Guide

No installer may open the geyser and change any settings without training or authorisation. This may invalidate the warranty and may cause a hazard for the user. Please contact us for more information.

Should you be in doubt please contact Paloma Gas for further information. 

Upon Installation Completion

  1. Ensure correct pipe size has been adhered to;
  2. Check test point pressures;
  3. Note the cold water and gas pressure readings on the CoC;
  4. Fully explain and demonstrate the use of the unit to the user including the operational details and safety practices;
  5. Ensure the user is aware of the warranty and service conditions;
  6. Issue the CoC and ask the owner to keep the sales invoice / receipt and user manual altogether for future use and any warranty claims.
  7. Please explain that no home owner may open a Paloma Gas Geyser as this will invalidate their warranty. For assistance they can contact a registered installer or Paloma direct.