A specific balanced flue ‘kit’ is required for the Paloma Internal Gas Water Heaters. This is to ensure clean air is brought into the geyser from outside and so that combusted air can be safely removed. This means that the internal units can be kept in a cupboard or storage room.

The flue can be installed vertically or horizontally, a maximum of 9 metres away from the wall or roof. Please select the right flue for your requirements. Your registered gas installer can assist with choosing the right elements needed. 

Paloma Internal Gas Water Heater Flue System

Paloma Balanced Flue Kit Install Options for PH-27

Paloma PH-27 internal balanced flue gas geyser is a room-sealed water heater, which both brings in fresh air from and expels combusted air via flue to, the outside of the building, for maximum safety.

The total lineal flue length is 9 metres with a maximum of 3 x 90′ bends. But the maximum flue length without any bends can be 13.5m – reduce the maximum length by 1.5m for each 90′ bend and by 0.75m for every 45′ bend.

Paloma’s certified internal gas water heater flue system is composed of stainless steel inner and aluminised steel outer flue. This is to prolong the life of the system and keep it safe during operation. The Paloma PH-27 internal gas geyser MUST, only be installed using this certified, Paloma balanced flue system.

Standard Flue Components

Standard – Vertical Termination – 20275:

  • 1 x vertical termination

Standard – Rear (Horizontal) Termination – 295146:

  • 1 x rear termination

Additional Flue Components Available

  • 45 degree elbow – 295148
  • 90 degree elbow – 295147
  • 94 degree elbow – 20272
  • Trim Plate – 295125
  • 15cm flue pipe – 20270
  • 30cm flue pipe – 295152
  • 1m flue pipe – 295149

For further information on selecting flue components, please click here