Please refer to the PH-203EWH Paloma Gas Geyser Customer Operating  Instructions manual that came with your new Paloma 20l/min Gas Geyser

All purchasers of a Paloma Gas Geyser should take note of the Customer Operating Instructions. The manual explains the correct way that a Paloma Gas Geyser should be installed by your nominated, qualified installer not only to ensure the geyser works correctly and efficiently but also to ensure any warranty claims, are approved.

Should you have purchased a bathroom or kitchen remote controller, the operating instructions begin on page 9. This tells you how to set the optimal water temperature as well as the required volume for the bath fill function.

Paloma Gas Geyser Warranty Information:

Please keep your Certificate of Conformity and your Proof of Purchase – which clearly indicates the purchase date, together with your Instruction Manual for future use or warranty claims.

The warranty available for the 20, 26 and 27 l/min Paloma Gas Geyser is as follows:

Domestic Use

10 year warranty on Copper heat exchanger,

3 year warranty on gas section and gas related parts

1 year warranty on electrical parts

Commercial Use

1 Year warranty on all parts and components

Please note the full warranty conditions and exclusions that start on the warranty page – page 52.

Paloma Gas Geyser Safety and Error Information:

Please familiarize yourself with the safety instructions on page 51.

Please refer to the page on our website regarding error codes for your Paloms Gas Geyser. Should an error code flash on your water heater or remote controll, please take care to follow the suggested remedy carefully, so that you do not damage your gas geyser. If in any doubt, please call your installer or Paloma Gas South Africa.

Should the error code read “need service” or “99” please follow the procedure for back up service.

Maintaining your Paloma Gas Geyser:

An annual service is recommended. Please contact your registered gas installer or Paloma Gas South Africa.

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