LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)

LPG is a by-product of the oil refining process and is abundantly available throughout South Africa and the Continent.  Due to recent regulation in South Africa, both the price and supply of LPG is governed to ensure safe reliable supply at a sustainable price.  LPG is an efficient and reliable fuel.  The use of tankless Gas Water heaters can create 30-50% savings on energy costs, as well as reducing ones carbon footprint immensely, as water is only heated as it is being used.  LPG (and more so Natural Gas) combusted gases are also far less damaging to the environment than using energy produced by coal fired electric plants.

LPG is supplied in cylinders and bulk tanks and  is made up of propane and butane (proportions differ between coastal and inland regions)

Benefits of LPG;LPG Bottle

  • User has complete control of supply and use
  • User has a choice of gas suppliers
  • LPG is a sustainable and semi-renewable energy source
  • Installation can be simple and cost effective

For more information on the safety of LPG contact www.lpgas.co.za