Paloma EZ Link Cable Length is 0.5m and is supplied as part of the EZ Link kit

The PalPaloma EZ Linkoma EZ Link cable is easy to install. It electronically controls 2 identical Paloma gas geysers so that they are treated as 1 unit. The 2 gas geysers need to be installed in parallel and will use the same piping system.

Depending on how much water is needed 1 or both units may be in operation at any one time, depending on the hot water demands. The first unit will be in operation on its own until the demand exceeds its maximum capacity.

Perfect for when 1 geyser is just not enough!


Paloma EZ Link Kit  

Two Paloma Gas Geysers in series
Two Paloma Gas Geysers manifolded together with an EZ Link


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  • Only two continuous flow gas water heaters can be installed with a single EZ Link system
  • The EZ Link system will vary the start up sequence of the two geysers
  • The two geysers must be the same model. The performance of two different model water heaters manifolded together cannot be guaranteed.
  • Should two gas geysers be manifolded together it is not a requirement to add a temperature controller – it just makes it easier for the user – however the temperature controller overrides the maximum temperature of the geysers. The bath fill function will also no longer work.
  • Two Paloma Gas Geysers can be manifolded together with an EZ Link system as part of a gas booster system for a solar water heater installation, as long as a temperature controller is not installed.


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