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Paloma Gas Water Heaters (Geysers) FAQ

Paloma Gas Water Heaters (Geysers) FAQ

Can I install my Paloma Gas Geyser myself?

No. Only a qualified Gas Appliance Installer can install your appliance and issue your Certificate of Conformity. Should your geyser not be fitted by a qualified installer, your warranty will not be valid and any future insurance claims may be at risk.

How do I install a Gas Geyser?

Paloma Gas Geysers can only be installed by qualified gas appliance installers. You may find a list of installers on the SAQCC Gas website. Should you be in the Johannesburg region and not able to find a suitable Installer, please contact us for further help.  Please click on the installation guide and ensure your installer follows these instructions.

How much are your geysers and do you have stock?

The Paloma brand is growing in popularity in South Africa and we will always endeavor to keep stock on hand. The price of geysers fluctuates with each shipment due to the exchange rate, to find latest pricing or check availability please contact us or purchase a Paloma gas geyser online here.

My Paloma Gas Geyser is flashing an error sign. What do I do?

For a list of error signs refer to the User Guide supplied with the appliance or look for more information on our website. Initial checks should be done as follows;

      • Check gas cylinders
      • Check water at taps (both hot and cold)
      • Check water filter on Paloma unit
      • Check for power at electric plug that unit is plugged into

What is the standard water temperature for my Paloma Geyser?

All Paloma gas geysers are supplied at  60 ‘C. Without a remote controller, the temperature cannot be changed. No-one is allowed to open the unit as this will invalidate the warranty and may cause a risk to its optimal operation.

Can I change the temperature myself?

You cannot change the temperature of the hot water supplied by your Paloma gas water heater without a remote controller being installed. The unit may not be opened as this may invalidate your warranty and may cause an unnecessary safety risk.


Paloma Gas Space Heaters FAQ

Can I install my Paloma Gas Heater myself?

A qualified gas appliance installer needs to install gas at your home and connect a quick release valve for you. You can connect your gas heater to the valve when you need to use the heater.

What does convection heating mean?

Each Paloma gas heater is equipped with a small fan, inside the unit. The fan pushes the air over the gas, which heats it up. The warm air then circulates out of the unit and into the room. Therefore, using a convection heater to heat a room or area is much quicker than a radiant heater.

Why are Paloma’s Gas Heaters considered to be portable?

With Paloma’s quick release valve, a number of gas points can be installed in your home or office. This means your Paloma gas heater can be easily switched off and removed from the gas point and re-connected in another room or area that needs heating. It also means that your gas heater can be stored away during the long summer months.


General FAQ

Who is Paloma Gas?

Paloma is an international gas appliances manufacturing company, started in Japan in 1911. Today they are one of the largest gas appliances producers in the world, supplying homes and businesses. HSG Distributors South Africa is the distribution arm of Paloma gas geysers and gas water heaters to the Southern African market.

How long has Paloma Gas been in South Africa?

Paloma was re-introduced to the South African market in 2010, but was initially available 40 years ago.  Paloma has been a world-wide brand since 1911 and is the largest gas appliance manufacturer in the world.

How do I find a qualified gas appliance installer for my area? / Who can install my Paloma Gas Appliance?

In the first instance, take a look at the SAQCC Gas website for a list of qualified installers for both LPG and Natural Gas. It is also possible to find an installer via the internet but be sure to ask if they are qualified. Should you get their SAQCC Gas registration number you can confirm their status on the SAQCC Gas website.

Only qualified gas fitters or installers can install Paloma Gas appliances for residential or commercial applications.

Gas installers or gas fitters are people that are qualified to install gas appliances at your home or office. They need to pass exams for LPG and Natural Gas separately. They will then be qualified and accredited for that gas type. It is against the law in South Africa to work on any gas installation without a gas installer’s registration or licence.

View a complete list of qualified fitters on the SAPGA website http://saqccgas.co.za/

To find a Natural Gas qualified installer you may look on the Egoli Gas website http://www.egoligas.co.za/find-an-installer.html

For any more information please contact us and we will be happy to help!