What is Flow Rate or l/m?

Tankless Gas Water Heaters are rated in litres per minute (l/m).  What this means is that the GWH is able to increase the ambient cold water temperature entering the unit by 25 degrees at its rated maximum l/m.  Therefore, we can see that regional climate differences can have a marked effect on the GWH ability to perform during each season

For example, in summer, ambient cold water temperature ranges from 20-23 degrees.  The Paloma 26 l/min can provide approximately 50 degree hot water, at maximum 26 l/m.  In winter, ambient cold water temperature ranges from 5-10 degrees therefore, the Paloma 26 l/min gas geyser can deliver 50 degree water at approx. 16 l/min.  To equate this in practical terms, the average shower requires a flow-rate of 10l/m (hot and cold mixed).  This suggests that 1 x Paloma 26 l/m unit can comfortably run 2-3 showers simultaneously during summer months and 1-2 showers simultaneously in winter.

Water Flow Calculation

20 l/min water flow calculation 26 l/min water flow calculation