Quick Releases and Hoses

All Paloma Gas Heaters are supplied with a length of hose. The quick release adaptor fitted in your home or office easily connects to the hose. With multiple plugs in different rooms, you can simply unplug your heater and move it between rooms. As the Paloma gas heaters are this portable, you can even purchase additional hose to move the gas heater around your room.

Paloma Quick Release Adaptor

The Paloma quick release adaptor makes it easy for the gas heater to be connected and disconnected, to be moved to an alternative position or even to be stored away during the summer months.

There are 2 different fittings available:
The Standard fitting size of 1/2″ and a 
Recessed Fitting

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Paloma Quick Release Valve
Standard Quick Release Valve
Recessed Quick Release Valve








Paloma Gas Heater QR Hose

Paloma Gas Heater Hose


Additional 3m of hose can be purchased. This extra hose makes the Paloma Gas Heaters more portable. You can then move it to heat up different parts of a large room.