Paloma Temperature Controllers – Discontinued Models.

The deluxe versions of both the Paloma Kitchen and Paloma Bathroom controllers have been discontinued

Deluxe Kitchen controller and Deluxe Bathroom controller.

Paloma Deluxe Controller features:

  • Allows you to pre-set 2 different water temperatures for general use or for when the bath-fill function is in operation;
  • Includes a voice prompt;
  • Comes with a bath-fill function to turn off the “hot water” bath tap when the bath has reached the desired level;
  • Available for bathroom;
  • Bathroom max temperature can be set to 50’C;

Paloma Deluxe Controller Comprehensive Features                              Paloma Delux Controller specs


Paloma Temperature Controller Comparison:

Bath Fill Yes Yes
Voice Prompt Yes Yes
Auto Hot Water Cut off Yes Yes
Beep when Full Yes Yes
Max Temperature Setting 50’C 60’C
Adjustable Temperature Range 37-46, 48, 50’C 37 – 46, 48, 50, 55, 60’C
  Discontinued Discontinued


Do not attempt to disassemble a Paloma Temperature Controller. For any issues, please return it to us.

Paloma Temperature Controllers should not be fitted to a gas geyser that is part of a solar water heater system because water at a temperature much higher than the maximum allowed by the controller, can be delivered. Nor can they be fitted to any other make or brand of gas geyser.


The Paloma Bathroom controllers need to use Paloma-supplied cable, which is included with the controller. The Kitchen controller can use a cable from another supplier. 

Support Only:

Contact Us should you have any support queries regarding your already purchased or installed Paloma Deluxe Temperature Controller.