Balanced Flue Options for Paloma Internal 27l/min Gas geyser
  • Total lineal flue length: 9 metres with a maximum of 3 x 90’ bends.
  • Maximum flue length without any bends: 13.5 metres. Reduce the maximum length by 1.5m for every 90’ bend and by 0.75m for every 45’ bend.
  • Determine the lineal distance and number of 45’ and 90’ bends.
  • Flue vent to the outside of the building, either through a vertical termination flue or a rear termination flue.
  • Vertical terminal: bottom edge of the terminal must be minimum 500mm away from the nearest structure.
  • Horizontal terminal: minimum 500mm away from any openable window or door.
  • Flashing: required where a vertical flue penetrates the roof line—1 pitched flashing plate is supplied with a vertical termination kit.
  • When installing a horizontal or rear termination flue: the flue must be installed to have a downward slope—20mm/m—away from the geyser.
  • A condensate drain tube is supplied with a vertical termination flue kit to prevent spillage of combustion components. The hose must drain to the sewage waste or to outside

Standard – Vertical Termination Flue Kit – PH-27VFK:

  • 1 x horizontal termination
  • 1 x pitched flashing plate
  • 1 x storm collar
  • 1 x condensate drain tube
  • Includes condensate drain tube

Standard – Rear Termination Flue Kit – PH-27RFK:

  • 1 x 94 degree elbow
  • 1 x rear termination
  • 1 x wall plate

Additional Elements for Flue System

  • 45 degree elbow – PH-27FE45
  • 90 degree elbow – PH-27FE90
  • Horizontal terminal
  • 15cm flue pipe – PH-27FS15cm
  • 30cm flue pipe – PH-27FS30cm
  • 1m flue pipe – PH-27FS1m

Remember that if you install two Paloma 27 litres per minute geysers using the EZ-Link System, you need to purchase 2 balanced flue systems.

Download the reference guide for selecting a coaxial balanced flue

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